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Why You Should Never Book a Hotel in This Part of Tokyo No Matter How Cheap

① Tokyo’s Bustling District, Kabukicho

Tokyo’s Kabukicho / President

Tokyo, Japan is a popular tourist destination that Korean travelers belove.
Even at night, Tokyo captivates the hearts of tourists with its dazzling neon signs.
Among the bustling districts of Tokyo, Shinjuku’s ‘Kabukicho’ is renowned as ‘the street that never sleeps.’

Located near Shinjuku Station, Kabukicho has over 3,000 restaurants and bars.
With its dense concentration of transportation, amenities, and entertainment options, Kabukicho is a highly accessible area for tourists.
If you choose to stay in Kabukicho, you can easily get around and there’s never a dull moment.

However, as it is also known as the largest red-light district in Japan, issues related to public safety are always a concern.
Kabukicho is divided into north and south by a street called Hanamichi Dori.
In the south, there’s a high concentration of entertainment facilities like izakayas and karaoke bars.
On the other hand, the north side where host clubs and love hotels are prevalent tends to have a lower level of public safety than the south.


Recently, Kabukicho has been grappling with the issue of runaway teenagers.
These young adolescents known as ‘Toyoko Kids,’ are mostly high school students or younger.
Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has even covered the rise of Toyoko Kids as a social issue in Japan.

These kids meet up in Kabukicho through online connections and roam around in groups often congregating in front of Toho Cinema.
Approximately 100 of them gather and sneak into hotels in Kabukicho to sleep.
By paying 1,000 yen (about $9) per person, they can spend the night.

Instead of going home, they wander the streets sleep rough, and engage in illegal activities.
These kids, who move around in mixed-gender groups are exposed to illegal drug use, assault, theft, and prostitution on the streets.

② Toyoko Kids, Rising as a Social Issue

YouTube@Cortes do Cariocando No Japão [OFICIAL]

In some cases, they fall victim to scams by criminal organizations that target minors leading them to make poor choices.
Recently, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of a group of Toyoko Kids who were involved in illegal drug trades due to addiction.

A particularly concerning issue is the illegal prostitution they engage in to make money.
As the entertainment industry in Japan is often associated with criminal organizations like the Yakuza, this issue is becoming increasingly serious.
There have even been reports of a man who was working to help the Toyoko Kids being murdered by the Yakuza.

It’s not uncommon to see men approaching Toyoko Kids on the street.
Toyoko Kids often tell these men that they can “meet for 100,000 won (about $85).”
There have been reports of Toyoko Kids engaging in prostitution in the gender-neutral restrooms installed in Kabukicho Tower.


A YouTuber living in Japan released a video titled “Please Don’t Do This When You Come to Japan,” urging caution to Korean tourists.
He warned not to engage with Toyoko Kids even if they approach, as most are associated with the Yakuza and are looking to scam money.

He mentioned that he had seen Korean men talking to Toyoko Kids on the streets of Kabukicho.

The YouTuber said, “When I asked Koreans how they got this information, they said it was written on the internet. So I looked it up, and someone had written in a travel plan that ‘you can sleep with a minor for 100,000 won,’ which was shocking to see.”

He added, “Imagine you’re in a hotel. There are Yakuza who come into the rooms. They say, ‘Are you going to report this? Pay up before you do.’ The tourist gets robbed, and their national reputation is tarnished. There are quite a few men who have died after getting involved with Toyoko Kids. This is easy to find in the news, but what’s reported is just the tip of the iceberg. The actual number is likely much higher.”

③ Be Cautious Around Okubo Park Near Shin-Okubo


‘Okubo Park’ near ‘Shin-Okubo,’ known as the largest Koreatown in Tokyo, is another place to be cautious of.
There have been reports of some host clubs in Japan luring young female customers, overcharging them, and forcing them into prostitution.

These women take to the streets of Okubo Park for prostitution.
At night, you can see young women lined up. Despite the cold weather, most of them are dressed in short skirts. These women proposition passing men for illegal prostitution or leave with men who approach them.

In response to this issue becoming a social problem, the Japanese government has taken action.
The Constitutional Democratic Party, the leading opposition party, has proposed a ‘Countermeasure Promotion Act against Malicious Host Clubs.’
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stated, “We will crack down on host clubs by applying laws such as the Prostitution Prevention Act and Employment Security Act.”

By. Sung Min Seo

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