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  • 'If You're Ugly, It's Hard to Live': Appearance-Based Racism in Korea Explained Vietnamese TikToker Vivian Nguyen exposes racism in South Korea, highlighting appearance-based discrimination.
  • 10 Reasons Why Kiwi is Better than Supplements When Consumed Like This Kiwis: Beyond taste, they're superfood. Aid digestion, anti-cancer, boost immunity, vascular health, relieve eye fatigue, rich in fiber.
  • Earache after playing in hotel pool...why did a 10-year-old girl die? A 10-year-old girl who complained of ear pain after playing in a hotel pool has died after being infected with a "brain-eating amoeba.
  • "Are we the same person?" The comedian lost 30 kilograms, and the reason wasn't dieting. Comedian Song Pil-geun, who was diagnosed with acute necrotizing pancreatitis earlier this year, has shared his latest news.On the upcoming episode of KBS2's 'Gag Concert' on March 3, Song Pil-geun will return with a segment called 'King Take...
  • Hundreds Scammed by Chinese Candy in Weight Loss Drugs Scandal Victims scammed by fake diet pills, advertised on social media. Pills promised customization but turned out to be Chinese candy.
  • Kraft's Vegan Mac and Cheese Heads to US Grocery Aisles Kraft Heinz introduces a plant-based version of its popular Mac 'n Cheese in the U.S., replacing cheese with soy protein.
  • The World's Narrowest Hotel is Nine Feet Wide, and It's HERE Pitu Rooms, the world's narrowest hotel in Salatiga, Indonesia, with 7 rooms, aims to promote the town as a tourist destination.
  • New Zealand Ditches Smoking Ban Law, Thousands of Lives at Stake Controversy in New Zealand as conservative government seeks to repeal 'smoking ban law,' alarming public health experts.
  • Rising Demand Threatens Sicilian Sea Urchins with Extinction Sicilian sea urchins threatened with extinction due to overfishing for culinary demand, prompting conservation concerns.
  • 10 Reasons Why Your Eyebrows Keep Falling Out Eyebrow hair loss can occur due to factors like aging, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, skin problems, and deficiencies.
  • Tiger on the Green? Incredible Scenes from Africa's Wild Golf Courses African golf courses like Skukuza Golf Club in Kruger National Park attract wild animals, making golfing a unique adventure.
  • Kale: The Nutrient-Packed Superfood You Should Be Eating Kale is a nutrient-rich superfood with heart, digestive, weight, cancer benefits but cautions for certain conditions.
  • The Power of Apricots: A Closer Look at Their Remarkable Health Benefits Apricots provide antioxidants, heart health, digestive support, immunity, and may help prevent certain cancers, with precautions.
  • Is it China again? Following Qingdao's 'urine', 'vaccine needles' appeared in pork. A needle found in pork at a student cafeteria at China's Jiaotong University has sparked controversy. The school apologized, saying the needles were from a pig vaccine, but students and parents remain concerned. There are three possibilities for the needles to have been found in the pork...
  • The surprising secret of ‘this cell’, researchers find 'intermediate aging cells' that cause human aging. With proper stimulation, they regain 'young cell'-like function New anti-aging treatment paradigm published in international journal A Korean research team has discovered 'intermediate senescent cells' that cause human aging...
  • A 'disadvantage' of the other party...but 'this' that neither men nor women care about when remarrying? Dolsingers who want to remarry said that lack of education and poor family environment are disadvantages that do not have much impact on remarriage. Men's focus on money and women's focus on appearance were cited as barriers to remarriage...
  • 'This pill' I took every day for lung cancer has no effect?: The Betrayal of Vitamin C. [Herald Economy=Chae Sang-woo Reporter] Vitamin C, which is said to lower the risk of lung cancer, has no effect when taken in the form of supplements such as nutritional pills, according to a study. On the 27th, Myung-Seung Kwon, a professor at the National Cancer Center International Cancer Graduate School of Medicine (Graduate School Director-General....
  • Learn Parsley's Health Benefits: More Than Just a Garnish Parsley benefits health with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory effects, aiding digestion, immune system, skin, and more.
  • Millionaire Reverses 70-Year-Old Father's Biological Age by 25 Years: Claims Success A millionaire's blood transfusion experiment aimed at reversing aging claims success in rejuvenating his father's physical age.
  • AI-Based Tool Achieves 98.5% Accuracy in Diagnosing Autism in Toddlers AI analyzes MRI data for autism diagnosis in 2-4-year-olds with 98.5% accuracy, aiding early detection and reducing workload.
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    U.S. and South Korean Forces Conduct Anti-IED Training Near Seoul


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    Biden Praises CS Wind for Boosting Jobs: 'They’re Changing America'


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    New Evidence Found in Football Star's Sex Tape Scandal: Illegal Recording of Private Video Call


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    North Korean Explosive Threat: South Korea Ramps Up Defense Game


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    North Korea Calls Out U.S. Hypocrisy as South Launches Spy Satellite


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    Korean Navy Celebrates First-Ever SM-2 Missile Launch


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