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  • Korean-Made 155mm Shells in High Demand, U.S. Requests Massive Stock The U.S. requests 330,000 South Korean-made 155mm shells, indicating reliance on Korea amid increased demand from Ukraine.
  • U.S. and South Korean Forces Conduct Anti-IED Training Near Seoul U.S. and South Korean forces conduct joint training near Bubal Station to remove Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), enhancing cooperation.
  • Korean Navy Celebrates First-Ever SM-2 Missile Launch Korean Navy achieves milestone with first domestic live-fire of SM-2 guided missile, enhancing defense capabilities against aerial threats.
  • South Korea Intensifies Space Race with North Korea, Launches First Spy Satellite South Korea's first military reconnaissance satellite, with 0.3m-class resolution, successfully launched, enhancing the Kill Chain capability.
  • America's shield 'PAC-3' vs Russia's spear 'Kinzhal': Who counts more In the confrontation between Russia's hypersonic missile 'Kinzhal' and the US defense system 'Patriot', Ukraine has reportedly successfully intercepted the Kinzhal. The confrontation between the two weapons systems is expected to be decided through war, and the world is paying attention to who will win...
  • The real reason the US can't build a semiconductor factory. TSMC's semiconductor factory (fab) under construction in Arizona, USA, is the crown jewel of the Joe Biden administration's Compelling Innovation and Progress in Semiconductors (CHIPS) Act. In the bill, Biden authorized $52.7 billion in subsidies for the semiconductor industry alone, much of it flowing to TSMC...
  • Tesla's Model 3 Performance Returns in 2024 - Here's the Scoop! Tesla's 2024 Model 3 Performance update boasts faster acceleration, larger brakes, sporty interior, and enhanced mobility.
  • Apple Reveals A Brilliant New Way To Stop People Peeking On Your Phone Apple's patents enhance privacy: 'Curved Screen Privacy Film' polarizes, 'Adjustable Viewing Angle Display' improves user-controlled privacy.
  • No Display Upgrade? iPhone 16 Rumors Hint at Unchanged Display Specs The iPhone 16 display is expected to maintain its size and technology, with Pro models having a slightly larger screen.
  • South Korea's Secret Weapon to Crush North Korea's Air Defense Network The EA-18G Growler, a formidable electronic warfare aircraft, disrupts radar and communications, surpassing the F-22 Raptor.
  • Google is Working on a New Tab Organizing Feature With AI Google is developing an AI-based tab organizing feature for Chrome to help manage numerous open tabs efficiently.
  • Is Your Google Account Safe? Time to Revive Your Inactive Accounts Google will delete inactive accounts, including Gmail and Drive, from December 1, 2023, for security and server capacity.
  • South Korean Researchers Discover New 'Water Bear' in Greenland A South Korean research team discovered a new tardigrade species in Greenland moss, naming it Ramazzottius groenlandensis.
  • Hot Topic: How Electric Cars Are Putting Battery Overheating to Rest South Korean certification center enhances EV safety with fire prevention and thermal runaway suppression tests and tech.
  • Apple's A/S tyranny: Refusing to repair even genuine products, calling them 'fake'. Source: https:
  • Goodbye Touch ID? iPhones Go All-In on Face Recognition Apple's new iPhones, including iPhone SE 4th gen and iPhone 16, might replace Touch ID with Face ID, reports suggest.
  • Apple Watch is waterproof, but is it really safe to put it in water? The Apple Watch has a workout recognition feature. If you work out for a certain amount of time, the watch will know and calculate how long you've been working out and how many calories you've burned. There are different types of workouts it can recognize...
  • Tesla Offers 6 Months of Free Supercharging in North America Tesla offers 6 months of free Supercharging for Model 3 and Model Y orders delivered by year-end in North America.
  • China's Advanced WZ-8 Reconnaissance Drone Raises Global Surveillance Concerns China's advanced WZ-8 reconnaissance drone can fly at three times the speed of sound and collect global information, raising concerns.
  • Puma Armored Vehicle Upgrades Announced Despite Previous Defects Germany to upgrade Puma armored vehicles, addressing last year's defect controversy; enhancing firepower and capabilities.
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