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  • Biden Praises CS Wind for Boosting Jobs: 'They’re Changing America' Biden praises CS Wind, a Korean wind tower manufacturer, for contributing to clean energy and boosting American jobs.
  • 854 Million People Added to the Defaulters List in China China faces an economic downturn as a record 8.54 million defaulters signal financial strain, hindering consumption and recovery.
  • 'Musk X' in crisis...bankruptcy fears emerge amid string of ad breaks. Musk X (formerly Twitter), the social media platform led by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, may go bankrupt, according to an analysis. This is because global giants have stopped advertising on X since Musk took over last year.
  • U.S. Policy Boosts Production and Jobs, Positive Impact on Korea? U.S. industrial policy boosts South Korean economy, fostering market entry and exports for manufacturing companies.
  • Yellen Signals Soft Landing: 'No Need for Drastic Tightening,' Amid Easing Inflation U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sees a high chance of a soft landing for the economy, suggesting no need for drastic tightening policies.
  • Big Trouble for Chinese Battery Makers: US Cuts Off EV Subsidy Lifeline Biden Administration to unveil guidelines barring Chinese EV firms from U.S. subsidies under Inflation Reduction Act.
  • US Targets Sinbad for Helping North Korean Crypto Laundering The U.S. sanctions Sinbad for aiding in the laundering of cryptocurrency by the North Korean-backed hacking group Lazarus.
  • NVIDIA's CEO Says U.S. Can't Shake Off China's Chip Chain in 10 Years NVIDIA CEO warns of decade-long challenges in U.S. semiconductor decoupling from China for national security.
  • 40 U.S. Lawmakers Rally for Tougher Investment Rules on China 40 U.S. senators and representatives call for stronger investment restrictions on China, citing growing threats to national security.
  • South Korea's Risky Road Ahead with Trump's Re-Election Looming South Korea's 2024 economic risks: U.S. recession, Trump re-election, China's issues. Need diversification and strategic planning.
  • Comerica, Zions, First Horizon: Potential Acquisition Targets for Large U.S. Banks Amid profitability challenges, Comerica, Zions, and First Horizon, regional U.S. banks, may become acquisition targets for larger banks.
  • U.S. Federal Reserve Expected to Cut Rates in May as ECB Tightens Policy The U.S. Federal Reserve may cut benchmark interest rates in 2023, while the European Central Bank is tightening policy.
  • Amazon Overtakes UPS and FedEx to Lead U.S. Private Logistics Market Amazon now leads the U.S. private logistics market, with 5.2 billion shipments in 2022, surpassing UPS and FedEx.
  • Cash Pile Boom: How Record Money Market Funds Could Ignite U.S. Stocks The record-breaking size of money market funds (MMFs) may drive a surge in the stock market, benefiting smaller stocks.
  • Investment Growth in 2024: Goldman Sachs Highlights Private Equity, AI, Software, and Healthcare Goldman Sachs Asset Management predicts 2024 will see private equity growth, private credit focus, and disruptive tech rise.
  • Is the 'American Dream' a Thing of the Past? Survey Reveals Doubts Only 36% of Americans still believe in the "American Dream," a significant decline from 53% in 2012, according to a survey.
  • Biggest Cyber Monday Ever: Americans Go Crazy for Deals Cyber Monday in the U.S. is poised to break e-commerce records with an estimated $12 billion in sales, driven by significant discounts.
  • Hyundai Chairman Receives Top Automotive Industry Leader Award Euisun Chung, Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group, named Automotive Industry Leader of the Year for his innovative leadership.
  • Americans Go Wild with $9.8 Billion Online Shopping Spree on Black Friday U.S. Black Friday online sales surge to record levels, marking a positive sign for the retail industry's recovery.
  • China's massive sell-off of US Treasuries.. What is the hidden truth? China's U.S. Treasury holdings plunge to $778.1 billion as of September 14-year low since May 2009 China sells U.S. bonds to counter U.S. de-risking and export controls China sells U.S. bonds to counter U.S. high interest rates to defend exchange rate and prevent foreign capital outflows China is also selling U.S. Treasuries in large quantities.
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