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  • Harsh Truth About Hong Kong's Hottest Instagram Photo Spot: Yick Cheong Building Hong Kong's iconic Yick Cheong Building, a vintage backdrop, known for its high-density housing and high rents, draws tourists.
  • California Man Discovers Breast Cancer While Playing Pickleball US man learns of stage 3 breast cancer after being struck by a pickleball, highlighting the importance of early detection.
  • Hot Showers and Men's Health: Here's Why You Need to Stop Right Now! Hot showers may harm men's fertility by overheating testicles and damage skin cells, making lukewarm water a better choice.
  • Here is Why Yawning Makes Your Eyes Water When yawning, tears flow due to muscle contraction and pressure on tear glands, influenced by oxygen supply and emotions.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland's Frozen World Will Leave You Breathless – What You Must See! Explore 'World of Frozen' in Hong Kong Disneyland, where you can relive iconic scenes and embark on magical adventures.
  • World's Largest Harry Potter Studio Opens in Tokyo, Japan Explore the enchanting world of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio Tokyo, Asia's largest Harry Potter theme park.
  • Tight boots and leggings...it's called 'this disease' in winter. There are many factors that can increase the risk of developing varicose veins during the winter season. Long boots and brushed leggings, popular winter fashion items, can cause varicose veins and should be avoided as much as possible....
  • [Real Food] 'Focusing on Simple Ingredients': Plant-Based Food Trends in the U.S. [Real Food=Yuksung Yeon Reporter] Plant-based foods in the United States are showing a trend toward simpler plant-based ingredients. With a focus on protein content, the trend is away from complex meat substitutes and toward products with just a few ingredients...
  • Cutting meat bones with teeth?...'Traditional method' claims spark outcry in China. [Herald News] A video of a Chinese man taking a chunk of raw meat into his mouth and biting it with his teeth without using tools to trim it has gone viral, sparking controversy. According to Hong Kong's South China Morning Post (SCMP), a recent video of a Chinese....
  • 'This job' pops up to help rehabilitate animals... What is a 'veterinary technician'? Dr. Shin Sa-kyung gave a special lecture on 'Rehabilitation Technician' at Digital Seoul University of Culture and Arts in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, on the 23rd. © News1 Seoyoon Choi "In acupuncture and rehabilitation treatment for pets, the diagnosis of a veterinarian is important, but the role of a technician is also very important.
  • How to prevent athlete's foot in winter when it's easy to let your guard down? Saturday, the morning of the 25th, will be cold with temperatures below freezing in most parts of the country...
  • Types of sleep disorders: How to get a good night's sleep? If you can't fall asleep easily or wake up frequently even when you do, or if you feel sleepy during the day even when you think you've had enough sleep, you may have a sleep disorder...
  • New Study Suggests Recommended Vitamin D Doses May Be Inadequate Study finds standard vitamin D doses insufficient; higher levels needed for cardiovascular health, per American Heart Association conference.
  • Netflix's Multi-Million Dollar Renovation of Egyptian Theatre Nears Completion Netflix invests $70 million in Egyptian Theatre, signaling its shift into the world of cinema and immersive experiences.
  • What is this item that even dentists carry with them every day when brushing their teeth? Toothbrush sterilizer 10.
  • Intact 'fly' found in colonoscopy...US doctors "mystery". A live, intact fly has been found in the intestines of a patient undergoing a colonoscopy in the United States, causing alarm. It is not yet known how the fly entered the patient's body or how it managed to avoid stomach acid and reach the middle of the colon.
  • Why Does Your Belly Bloat? Here's the Surprising Causes & Fixes Bloating causes: air swallowing, gas-inducing foods, digestive disorders, stress. Remedies: exercise, heat, posture, tea, water, diet, aids.
  • This is What You Expect to See When Your Country is Serious About Christmas Paris, France during Christmas offers enchanting experiences, from festive markets and illuminations to Disneyland's holiday magic.
  • 10 Best Foods to Relieve Cold Hands and Feet Ginger, chili peppers, nuts, green tea, salmon, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, water, and sweet potatoes improve Raynaud's blood circulation.
  • Feeling Cold in Broad Daylight? Check for THESE Health Warnings Cold sensitivity may signal health problems: anemia, hypothyroidism, Raynaud's, kidney disease, or sleep deprivation.
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    U.S. and South Korean Forces Conduct Anti-IED Training Near Seoul


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    Biden Praises CS Wind for Boosting Jobs: 'They’re Changing America'


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    New Evidence Found in Football Star's Sex Tape Scandal: Illegal Recording of Private Video Call


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    North Korean Explosive Threat: South Korea Ramps Up Defense Game


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    North Korea Calls Out U.S. Hypocrisy as South Launches Spy Satellite


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    Trump Boasts Kim Jong Un's Preference: 'He Likes Me, Not Biden'


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    No Children, Pay More Tax: Russia Considers 'Childless Tax' to Overcome Falling Birth Rates


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    Korean Navy Celebrates First-Ever SM-2 Missile Launch


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    'Why the hell does the government exist?': Korean doctors demand action on China-linked pneumonia


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    64.2% Blame President Yoon for the Expo Failure, Diplomatic Skills Questioned