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Hidden Spots in Singapore to Explore

① A glimpse into diverse cultures

Recommended places to visit in Singapore / Source: kenh14

Singapore is emerging as most popular Southeast Asian travel destination.
The country boosts a harmonious blend of natural landscapes and sophisticated urban scenery.
There are many must-visit attractions in Singapore, and some of them are still relatively unknown to Korean tourists.

‘Katong Village’ is filled with colorful traditional houses in pastel tones.
You can experience local life, exuding a sense of mystery to tourists.
Katong Village is a part of Singapore’s traditional culture, ‘Peranakan’, which refers to the descendants and culture of Chinese, Indian, and Arab immigrants who moved to the Malay Peninsula in the 17th century and married local women.

Peranakan is a culture noted for the coexistence of diversity.
Just like houses painted in various colors, Katong Village is a representative place that allows a glimpse into Peranakan culture.
You can see colorful houses in yellow, blue, red, and other hues.
As most of the houses are residential, visitors are required to refrain from taking indiscriminate photos.
There is also a museum in Singapore that promotes Peranakan culture.

Source: visitsingapore

‘Little India’ is another place where you can enjoy vibrant scenery, as much as Katong Village.
It’s a place that preserves Indian culture, with its old-fashioned temples standing out.
It’s a great place to taste Indian food and shop for Indian handicrafts.

You can also visit the representative temple in Little India.
The ‘Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple’ was built by Hindu believers who lived nearby.
It is considered one of the most colorful temples in Little India.

A Chinese businessman who operated a confectionery company used to live in ‘Tan Teng Niah’ until it was designated for preservation in 1989.
It boasts a unique exterior with a blend of European and Chinese architectural styles.
It has now become a popular photo spot among tourists.

② Places to enjoy Singapore’s great outdoors

Source: traveloka

In ‘Pulau Ubin’, you can enjoy pristine nature.
It’s a small island located in the northeast of Singapore.
Unlike the flashy main island, Pulau Ubin retains its natural state.
It also serves as a habitat for endangered wildlife.

The island is made of granite and has a lake that was once used as a quarry.
It is a place of high ecological value.
You can visit Pulau Ubin by taking a ferry from the city.

Most tourists explore the island by bicycle.
The island has a mountain bike trail called ‘Ketam Mountain Bike Park’.
If you enjoy hiking, you can have an even more vibrant time.

Source: shrugmyshoulder

‘Lazarus Island’ in the south of Singapore is a lesser-known tourist spot.
It’s a small island with clean white sand beaches and seashores, which are rare in Singapore.
The island is often visited during a southern tour of Singapore.

Lazarus Island is a place of tranquility. You can lie on the wide grassy field and enjoy the blue sea, embracing the relaxing atmosphere.
Since there are no accommodations on Lazarus Island, most tourists visit for a day trip.
Lazarus Island is connected to St. John’s Island by a causeway.
A ferry operates daily from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island.

The Singapore government has announced plans to build accommodation facilities on Lazarus Island.
With the addition of night glamping, marine activities, and convenience stores, it will become a more convenient travel destination.

③ A sophisticated library located inside a large shopping mall

Source: locationscout

‘library@orchard’ is a public library located inside ‘Orchard Gateway’, a shopping center in Singapore.
Located in a shopping mall and at a transportation hub, it has easy accessibility.

Various public libraries are located inside busy shopping malls in Singapore. library@orchard is one of them. The stylish interior of the library helps to serve as a resting place for people.
Due to its convenient location, it attracts numerous visitors.

It’s also a great place for tourists to stop by as they can enjoy the view outside the window and take a break.
It’s known to tourists as a well-designed, beautiful library.

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