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Hong Kong’s ‘Utopian Beach’

① The Local’s Urban Retreat

Recommended Hong Kong Beaches / Source: hkgreeters

Hong Kong is a beautiful travel destination, known for its skyline of high-rise buildings.
The dazzling cityscape at night is a sight that most tourists visiting Hong Kong wish to see.
When thinking of Hong Kong, a dense cityscape of high-rise buildings and a vintage city atmosphere often come to mind.
While you may only think of urban travel in Hong Kong, a short trip will bring you to open natural landscapes.
In Hong Kong, you can swim from April to October.

“Repulse Bay” is one of the most well-known and most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong.
It is located on the south side of Hong Kong Island and is shaped like a crescent moon.
It is one of the three major beaches in Hong Kong, located in a wealthy neighborhood with luxury apartments and buildings.
Thanks to its proximity to the city and natural scenery, it has long been a gathering area for the wealthy.

Repulse Bay is a beloved beach among locals and serves as a resort on hot summer days.
It is about a 30-minute drive from the city center, serving as a perfect urban retreat.

Source: CNN

Repulse Bay is a beach that stretches 958 feet and is famous for its soft sandy beach.
This is an artificial beach made from sand imported from China and Austria.
The beach is so well maintained that you would never guess it’s man-made.

Repulse Bay is equipped with public restrooms, showers, and changing rooms.
It is well-maintained and convenient to use.

Near Repulse Bay, there is a large shopping center, making it a great place to visit restaurants, cafes, and more.
Not only is it a great place to enjoy swimming, but it also offers a glimpse into Hong Kong’s most affluent neighborhood, attracting many tourists.

② A Paradise for Surfers

Source: droneandslr

If you’re a traveler who loves surfing, there’s a great beach to visit.
Big Wave Bay is known as the “Surfers’ Paradise” in Hong Kong.
This beach is located on the east side of Hong Kong Island, where large waves from the Tathong Channel crash.

It’s a great beach for surfing, paddleboarding, or enjoying ocean activities.
It’s a beach that local surfers often visit and is known for its lively and dynamic atmosphere.
It’s a Hong Kong beach where you can truly enjoy the summer.

Lying on the soft sandy beach and looking at the blue sea can give you a relaxing time.
To visit Big Wave Bay, you can take bus number 9 from MTR Shau Kei Wan station.

Near Big Wave Bay, there is “Shek O Beach”.
Shek O Beach is a hidden beach in Shek O village and is a local weekend getaway spot.
If you want to peek into the daily life of locals in Hong Kong, visiting Big Wave Bay is a good option.

③ A Hidden Beach Unknown to Tourists

Source: discoverhongkong

On the south side of Sharp Island in the Sai Kung Peninsula, there’s a beach known only to locals.
This is the crescent-shaped “Half Moon Bay Beach.”
It’s a place far from Hong Kong Island and known only to those who know it. It’s a beach that’s not well known to tourists.

Source: YouTube@Laugh Travel Eat

It’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong.
To get to Half Moon Bay Beach, you need to take a ferry departing from Sai Kung Town Pier.
After about a 15-minute ferry ride, you can arrive at the beach.
CNN introduced Half Moon Bay Beach as a “beach with golden sand and the cleanest water in Hong Kong”.

Indeed, Half Moon Bay Beach is a great beach for snorkeling, where you can see the transparent seabed.
If you’re curious about the clearest beach in Hong Kong, we recommend visiting Half Moon Bay Beach.

Source: discoverhongkong

“Pui O Beach” is located on the south side of Lantau Island.
It’s a lesser-known Hong Kong beach where you can get away from the city and spend time in peaceful nature.
What makes Pui O Beach special is that you can see both black and white sand.
It exudes a unique beauty that is unlike any other beach.

It’s a great place to swim and the waves are not too big, making it a good place for beginner surfers to visit.
There are restaurants, bars, and cafes right in front of the beach.
It’s a neighborhood that feels like you’re in a quaint country village with a quaint natural landscape.

We especially recommend watching the sunset at Pui O Beach.
To visit Pui O Beach, you need to take a ferry from Central Pier 6 and move to Mui Wo.
You can take a bus to Lo Uk Tsuen stop.
Spending a day like a local at a hidden beach in Hong Kong will surely leave a special memory.

By. Mia Han

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