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Top 5 Spa Hotels in Switzerland

① The Highest Jacuzzi in Europe

Berghaus Diavolezza Spa Hotel / Source: Berghaus Diavolezza

Switzerland is a European destination that global travelers from all over the world want to visit at least once.
The unforgettable sight of the Alps often lures them to Switzerland.
The country boasts a myriad of hotels offering unique landscapes.

Among them, ‘Berghaus Diavolezza’ is a hotel nestled in the mountains.
Located in Pontresina, Diavolezza is a famous mountain in Engadine.
You can ascend to an altitude of about 9,842 feet by cable car.

Berghaus is located at the mountain’s peak.
The highlight of the hotel is the outdoor Jacuzzi where you can enjoy the view of the Alps.
You can order a glass of champagne, melt in the warm spa, and enjoy fantastic scenery.
It is known as the highest spa in Europe.
It’s the ultimate relaxation spot amidst the snow-covered Swiss landscape.

Source: Hotel Villa Honegg

‘Hotel Villa Honegg’ is a Swiss hotel famous for its infinity pool.
It is located on Bürgenstock Mountain, overlooking Lake Lucerne.
Built in 1905, it reopened in 2011 after extensive remodeling.

From the infinity pool, you can enjoy the view of Lake Lucerne and the snow-capped mountains.
In winter, it operates as a hot spring, allowing you to enjoy the Swiss landscape in the warm water.
The breathtaking view in front of you is almost unbelievable.

Villa Honegg is so popular that you need to book a year in advance to secure a visit.
Despite room rates exceeding 1 million KRW (approximately $850) per night, it is a popular destination for global travelers.
Villa Honegg, in particular, is a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds.

② Grindelwald Hotel Famous for Its View

Source: Boutique Hotel Glacier

‘Boutique Hotel Glacier’ is a 4-star hotel located in Grindelwald.
This boutique hotel features a quaint and stylish interior.
It is famous for its rooms that offer a view of the Eiger North Face.
You can get a glimpse of the grandeur of the Eiger North Face, one of the three great north faces of the Alps.

Most of the rooms feature terraces, allowing you to enjoy the scenery up close.
The signature room, which costs around 1 million KRW (approximately $850) per night, boasts an outdoor Jacuzzi, making it particularly popular.
You can soak in the Jacuzzi on the terrace and enjoy the fantastic Swiss landscape.

Boutique Hotel Glacier is located about a 10-minute walk from Grindelwald.
As it is a hotel famous for its scenic view, it is recommended to book in advance as reservations can be challenging to secure.
Guests have left reviews such as “The most satisfying accommodation among the three places in Switzerland”, “Best view in Grindelwald. Unlike other places, no buildings are obstructing the view”, and “A series of astonishing sights. The breakfast is excellent”.

Source: tripadvisor

‘Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald’ is a 4-star hotel in Grindelwald.
This place offers a panoramic view of the Eiger North Face.
Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald is famous for its excellent outdoor Jacuzzi facilities.
You can relax while looking at the Eiger North Face in the warm water.

In addition to the outdoor seawater Jacuzzi, you can also enjoy indoor swimming pools and saunas.
The swimming pool is a popular photo spot among guests due to its beautiful scenery.
The time spent enjoying the view of the snow-covered mountains is truly fantastic.
Many travelers visit to use the outdoor spa facilities.

Guests have left reviews such as “A hotel with a great view located in Grindelwald”, “A good place to spa and swim”, and “The hotel’s swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna are very good for relieving fatigue”.

③ Outdoor Spa at 2,500 Meters Above Sea Level

Source: Riffelhaus 1853

‘Riffelhaus 1853’ is a 4-star hotel located right next to Riffelberg.
This hotel, located at an altitude of 2,500 meters (approximately 8,202 feet), allows you to gaze at the snow-covered Matterhorn.
Thanks to the Gornergrat mountain train, it takes about 20 minutes to get to the hotel from Zermatt.
After getting off at Riffelberg station, you will be guided to the hotel if you walk for about five minutes.

At Riffelhaus 1853, you can use the outdoor spa facilities while looking out over the Alps.
It boasts a landscape that you can’t even imagine without experiencing it firsthand.
You can also use the sauna at the hotel.

The room rates for one night on the weekend start from around 600,000 KRW (approximately $510).

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