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Insta-Worthy Spots in Vietnam Chosen by Koreans

① Popular Overseas Travel Destinations for Koreans

Travel to Mui Ne, Vietnam / Source: muine-explorer

With the arrival of winter, Vietnam has secured the top spot as the most popular travel destination for Korean tourists.
Many Koreans are planning to travel to Vietnam for the Lunar New Year holiday.
As various cities in Vietnam become hot topics, numerous Korean tourists are heading to Vietnam.

As the variety of Vietnamese travel destinations expands, tourists are enjoying more diverse experiences.
The places where you can experience deserts in Vietnam have become more popular..

Vietnam’s ‘Mui Ne’, known as a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, is a place where you can capture rare natural landscapes in Vietnam.
Thanks to the availability of various tours, it is a word-of-mouth destination where many tourists leave their life photos.
Thanks to its unique landscape, you can enjoy a more exotic travel atmosphere.

The most representative tour in Mui Ne is to visit the desert.
Mui Ne is home to two deserts, ‘White Sand Dunes’ and ‘Red Sand Dunes’.

② Mui Ne’s Representative Photo Spot

Source: muine-explorer

It is famous for being a photo spot where you can enjoy both sunset and sunrise in Vietnam.
The White Sand Dunes is a place made up of sand accumulated over hundreds of years.
It got its name ‘White Sand Dunes’ because it is a place where white sand was piled up.
It is also a place where you can encounter a special sunrise in the desert.

This place has established itself as a special attraction among the locals in Vietnam.
Many people take snap photos against the backdrop of the desert.

Due to its larger scale compared to the Red Sand Dunes, it is inconvenient to walk.
Most tourists often travel on quad bikes.
It’s convenient but it’s also a thrilling experience that makes the desert more enjoyable.

Source: luxbrand

The Red Sand Dunes are made of red sand, unlike the White Sand Dunes.
While the White Sand Dunes is a great place to enjoy the sunrise, the Red Sand Dunes is a great place to enjoy the sunset.
It is recommended to book a tour product at a time when you can appreciate the sunset.

You can also ride a sled on the sand at the Red Sand Dunes.
It is more convenient to travel by booking a jeep tour to visit the desert.
The tour includes a guide taking pictures, so you can leave photos at various places.
Driving along the open road in a colorful jeep is also one of the fun things of the trip.
You can take pictures that suit your taste at the photo spot recommended by the locals.

When visiting the desert, it is recommended to wear white clothes.
White clothes stand out more with the red desert as a backdrop.

③ Ocean View Café with Vietnamese Sensibility

Source: vivuphanthiet

Mui Ne is a quiet fishing village, unlike the big cities.
Here, you can enjoy the open sea and get a glimpse of the lives of the locals.
In particular, the sea of Mui Ne is a very beautiful place famous for its pretty sunset.
There are many cafes along the beach in Mui Ne.

‘Pineapple Mui Ne’ is a beach café located in front of the sea.
The café has a resort atmosphere, with seats prepared on the sandy beach.
It is a place where you can enjoy swimming and have a leisurely time drinking coffee at the café.
Located right in front of the sea, it is a good place to listen to the sound of waves.
It is also recommended to enjoy the sunset at the café.

If you visit around sunset, you can enjoy both sunset and night views.
As a café opens late into the night, you can enjoy a romantic night sea in the evening.
There are many good places to take pictures with the sea, and it is one of the photo spot cafes in Mui Ne that is popular with Korean tourists.

Source: Joe’s Cafe Muine

‘Joe’s Cafe’ is a live café in Mui Ne.
It is a good place to enjoy the atmosphere in Mui Ne, a quiet fishing village.
It operates as a café during the day and as a bar at night.

It is good to drink coffee while looking at the sea, and it is also fun to enjoy Vietnamese music at night.
The outdoor seats are located right in front of the sea, so you can enjoy a real ocean view.
It is also good to leave several photos with the sea as a backdrop if you visit during the day.
It is one of the few live cafes in Mui Ne where tourists are constantly visiting.
It is also famous for singing Korean songs when Koreans visit.

Visitors left reviews such as “There are not many pubs in Vietnam with this atmosphere, but it feels like I’m in a different foreign country because it’s in front of the sea”, “I recommend spending a leisurely time here for an evening in Mui Ne”, and “It is a real ocean view café where you can take good pictures in front of the sea during the day”.

By. Sung Min Seo

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