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Top 6 Warm European Getaways Europeans Are Flocking To

① Europe’s Top Scenic Spots

Winter Europe Trip / travel and leisure

If you decide to travel to Europe in winter, you will find many places with a melancholic atmosphere.
However, many destinations boast sunny landscapes even in winter. If you dig a little deeper, you can enjoy a lively trip even in winter. The following are the best destinations in Europe to enjoy the sun early.

Madeira in Portugal is one of the places that boasts the best European scenery. It’s an exotic island where you can stroll along the beautiful coastline and see majestic mountains. The average winter temperature here is about 21 degrees Celcius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). It does rain, but it doesn’t last long.

In Madeira, you can enjoy hiking along the Levada. It’s a place that’s more than enough with beautiful architecture and natural scenery alone.

② Sunny Mediterranean Destinations All Year Round

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Sicily in Italy is a great place to visit all year round, thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate. The average temperature in January is 61 degrees Fahrenheit, full of bright sunlight. Also, the sea urchin season starts in earnest in February, attracting many tourists. In winter, fewer people flock than in other seasons, so visitors can quietly enjoy the beautiful Baroque towns and archaeological sites.

If you love festivals, winter is the perfect season to visit Sicily. In Catania, the Festa di Sant’Agata celebrating the city’s patron saint is held in early February, and in Agrigento, a festival commemorating playwright Pirandello is held in December.

Going to Cyprus to enjoy the sunniest winter in the Mediterranean would be best. The weather, which maintains about 63 degrees Fahrenheit, is suitable for walking around and exploring the culture and history of the island.

Cyprus boasts the most beautiful beaches in Paphos, vibrant nightlife in Limassol, and the best museums and restaurants in the island’s capital, Nicosia. Winter travel costs much cheaper if you want to visit Cyprus on a day trip.


If you want to enjoy culture with winter sunlight, go to Malta. This island has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In winter, it hardly rains, so you don’t need to bring an umbrella. The temperature of 16 degrees Celcius (61 degrees Fahrenheit) is pleasant enough to walk around the streets of Valletta.

You can visit the neighboring island, Gozo if you want a boat trip. You can visit the Ggantija Temples, which are older than the Egyptian pyramids.

③ Places Popular Among Europeans


Enjoying the sunny beaches of the Canary Islands is also a good idea. The Canary Islands, close to the African coast, have a suitable climate all year round, with at least 300 days of sunshine.

You can choose from Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and Gran Canaria. There are plenty of beaches wherever you want. Some popular summer destinations can be quiet in winter, but many resorts on the island are busy all year round.


In Marbella in Spain, you can enjoy sunbathing on the beach and shopping. Although it’s past the peak of summer, you can find the best places to bask in the warm sun on the shores of Marbella.

Also, you can leisurely enjoy the sunset from the perfect outdoor terrace space. Winter is the best season for golf, but it’s also suitable for hiking or walking. Going to the hills, you can see fantastic views across Africa.

If you’re a tourist who enjoys shopping, I recommend visiting Puerto Banus. It’s a great place to lose track of time while shopping.

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