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The Most Expensive Zip Code: Bel Air’s Jaw-Dropping Mansion Prices Revealed

① America’s Richest Neighborhood ‘Bel Air’


On the U.S. real estate site Realtor, you can check the list of the most expensive zip codes in every state. The zip code corresponding to the postal code is an administrative district marker that indicates the location of the residence. It also allows you to check the level of house prices.

Realtors checked the highest house prices for all zip codes nationwide, excluding areas with less than 25 listings. According to the survey results, Bel Air, a small neighborhood in Los Angeles, has the most expensive listings in the U.S.

Bel Air is located in the Santa Monica Hills. It is full of world-class houses. In particular, Bel Air is famous for being home to the mansions of Hollywood stars.


Even the average wealthy person can’t afford the astronomical house prices here. The average house price in Bel Air is about $8.8 million. According to a U.S. survey, one house in Bel Air was named the most expensive house in the U.S.

The most expensive mansion in the neighborhood is $163.7 million. It has 12 bedrooms and is fully equipped like a resort.

The house features a 23-foot high ceiling, Portuguese tiles, a double-sided fireplace made of Ebony Macassar wood, an unbelievable 100 square foot shower room, a bathtub made from a single piece of marble, multiple bars, a refrigerated vodka tasting room, and more. The vodka tasting room is set to subzero temperatures, and fur coats are included to keep warm.

In addition, there is a wine room, a movie theater, a gym with a rock climbing wall, an infinity pool, a rooftop deck, etc. It also includes about $5.8 million worth of furniture.

② The Price of the Mansion Purchased by Bang Si-hyuk


Recently, it was reported that Bang Si-hyuk, music producer and chairman of HYBE, purchased a mansion in the LA suburb for $30.8 million. This is the same house that American comedian Trevor Noah bought from architect Mark Rios for about $32.2 million. He is known to have sold it to Bang Si-hyuk after staying there for a year.

This is where Mark Rios completed it for residential purposes. It’s a three-story building, about 1,022 square feet, with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The house includes a library, gym, infinity pool, sauna, massage room, and rooftop terrace. The spacious yard has an outdoor kitchen and high-end facilities.

The mansion, worth $30.8 million, comprises facilities beyond imagination.


Bang Si-hyuk became a neighbor of Beyoncé by purchasing this mansion in Bel Air. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s mansion is also located in Bel Air. Their house price is about $119 million.

The mansion is 8,095 square feet, with eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and three swimming pools.
In addition to Beyoncé, it’s the top neighborhood in the U.S. where celebrities and sports stars live.

③ The Neighborhood with an Average House Price

World Atlas

Meanwhile, in the city of Fargo in North Dakota, unlike Bel Air, you can find the cheapest zip code in the country, with an average house price of only about $440,000.

The most expensive house here is about $2.7 million. It has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and almost 1 acre of private land. This is about half the size of the land compared to Bel Air.

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