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Are You Mentally Weak? 10 Signs to Watch Out For and How to Overcome

Mental health is as important as physical health. This is because you must deal with emotions solely about yourself and relationships with others and overcome difficulties. Even if you don’t have severe depression or anxiety symptoms, you may have a tough time. Let’s examine whether you are weak-minded and explore ways to overcome them.

Characteristics of Weak-Minded Individuals

If your mentality is weak, you may feel like you’re riding a roller coaster due to trivial words or actions from those around you. Not only that, but you may also pay too much attention to the gaze of others, unknowingly becoming overly sensitive to their reactions and often spending sleepless nights due to small worries and concerns. If something complex or challenging arises, there is a strong tendency to avoid the current situation.

Another Characteristic of Chronic Depression

One of the characteristics seen in patients with chronic depression is a “glass mentality.” Even trivial matters can cause significant mental distress, and it is often accompanied by physical discomfort, such as feeling pressure or difficulty breathing. In addition, negative thoughts constantly attack them, leading to mental weakness and confusion.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

A prime example is social media! Social media is a medium that makes it easy to compare yourself with others to the point where it could be called the poison of life. You may have had an experience of comparing yourself with others through the small screen of your cell phone, and you may feel insignificant compared to their glamorous and enjoyable lives. However, it is forbidden to have such thoughts repeatedly! It’s best to use social media only for its intended purpose.

Give Yourself a Gift

How about giving yourself a modest gift, not an expensive one? Buying a gift for yourself can change your mood, and the sense of control over your surroundings that comes from purchasing a particular item can make you feel better. Try to lift your spirits with a reasonable purchase within your budget!

Regularly Clean Your Surroundings

Did you know that visual confusion goes to the brain if your surroundings are not organized? A cluttered environment can scatter your attention and decrease your ability to process information. There’s even research showing that a messy home can raise levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It’s a good idea to tidy up your surroundings whenever you have time, and if there are unnecessary items, you can put them up for sale at a low price in a used market or donate them.

Immerse Yourself in Something

Immersion is the feeling you get when you do something that stimulates your sense of challenge and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Take a moment to reflect on your day or week and see if there was a time when you were fully immersed in something. If not, creating such an opportunity might be a good idea. Binge-watching TV or playing games spacing out is not the right kind of immersion. Cooking, drawing, cleaning, etc., are recommended types of immersion.

Take a Walk

People who walk in nature have shown less activity in brain areas where negative thoughts intertwine. Walking around your house or taking a leisurely walk for about 30 minutes a week is a good idea. If you can’t go outside or the weather isn’t good, stimuli related to nature can have a similar calming effect.

Have a Resilient Mind

To move beyond a weak mindset, having a resilient mind to overcome stress is good. To have a resilient mind, you need to engage in actions that strengthen your mental muscles at the usual time, such as meditating to relieve stress, making a plan, and then making a commitment and following through. It’s also a good idea to manage your mental state and build your mental strength.

Take Care of Your Health

To avoid being hurt, you need to have a strong mental foundation. You tend to become weak if you don’t eat or sleep properly. The same is true for the mind. If you constantly consume your emotions, there will eventually come a time when you explode. If you have a sensitive personality that gets hurt more than others, taking care of your physical health first is essential. When you gain strength and vitality, your personality will also change positively.

Don’t Rely on Others

Lowering your expectations of others will reduce the chances of being disappointed and hurt by someone. People who are always used to receiving tend to think that others should do something for them, and they hate selfish people who only receive unilaterally and don’t want to hear negative words.

By. Shin Young Jeon

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