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Here’s the No.1 Best City in the World for 2024

① World’s Best Cities

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Cities around the globe are constantly competing for the top spots on various rankings lists, encompassing everything about living, from local food and culture to romance and happiness.

Time Out conducts an annual survey to select the world’s best city. Travel editor Grace Beard said, “Residents highly rate all the cities on the list. Therefore, whether a city ranks first or fiftieth, it is still one of the most fantastic cities out of thousands worldwide.”

She said, “This year’s top cities not only have world-class restaurants, culture, and nightlife, making them great places to visit and go out but also have a strong community spirit and an undeniable atmosphere that make them great places to live.”

② The No.1 City You Want to Live

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Considering all these variables, New York City took the top spot.
New York is also one of the most populated cities in the world.
15% of all respondents named New York one of the cities they would like to live in.
The captivating skyline and vibrant city atmosphere of New York often steal the hearts of many.

There are countless attractions in New York.
It’s a city where you can enjoy leisure even in the city center.


Time Out mentioned various attractions, from world-renowned museums like the Museum of Modern Art to community-run places like the Queens Night Market in Flushing.

Also, watching a Broadway show is a must.
The following American cities on the list were Chicago at 14th and Los Angeles at 17th, demonstrating the power of both coastal and Midwestern urban centers in the United States.

Miami ranked 23rd, San Francisco 37th, New Orleans 40th, Philadelphia 41st, Austin 42nd, and Boston 43rd, with nine cities making the list.

③ Top-Ranked Places Worldwide

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Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, took second place.
Cape Town is a place where you can capture both nature and the city.
Regarding Cape Town’s ranking, we could confirm a text saying “it’s not hard to understand why every survey respondent said Cape Town is beautiful, from the heights of Table Mountain to the beautiful beaches along the coastline”.

The city has also topped the global rankings in the cultural field due to events like the Cape Town Art Fair in February and the First Thursdays program in the summer when city galleries extend their opening hours.

However, despite being a beautiful city, Cape Town is known for its unstable security.
You always need to be cautious when traveling.


Three cities in Europe made it into the top five.
Berlin came in third, well-known for its nightlife, such as Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke.

London ranked fourth, thanks to various activities, from free museums to large parks, legendary pubs, and cutting-edge technology.
Despite being known for frequent rainfall, London was one of the cities that made its residents the happiest.

Lastly, Madrid ranked fifth in the dining and drinking culture category, as evident in the following cocktail bars.
Madrid is a globally renowned gastronomic city.
You can enjoy a variety of Spanish cuisine at various local restaurants.

In addition, Mexico City, Liverpool, Tokyo, and Rome made it into the top ten.

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