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14 IKEA Finds Under $5 You Won’t Want to Miss!

Hello. I’m a blogger, Haku.b, reviewing daily life.

This time, I went to IKEA in Dongbusan and picked up recommended items that are “cost-effective.” Most are products with good cost-effectiveness, between $1.43-$3.69; there are even ones for 38 cents.

I’ve tried all of them and only gathered the ones I liked, so I hope it helps others, too!

IKEA items with good utilization at an affordable price! I’ll introduce each one as I unpack them.


1) TOKIG Vegetable Dehydrator – $3.69

​I wanted a vegetable dehydrator and searched the internet, but there was nothing I liked. If it was simple and pretty, it was expensive, and if the price was cheap, the color was terrible.

IKEA products are the only ones I like because they are simple, but the shipping cost is higher than the product itself if I order just one vegetable dehydrator. So I quickly bought one for the day to go to IKEA in Dongbusan. It’s a very convenient item when you have it, and I use it consistently.

2) ​PRODUKT Milk Frother – $1.43

It’s small, but it’s a good frother for making milk foam. It operates with an AAA battery. It would be great for drinking warm milk beverages in the winter.

3) BLANDA Glass Serving Bowl – $1.88

​I don’t bake, but I’ve tried following keto baking a few times after watching YouTube. I thought it would be nice to have a glass bowl at home because I only had a stainless-steel bowl, so I bought this IKEA product because it was cost-effective. I’m satisfied with it!

4) KORKEN Glass Storage Container 1L – $2.19

​It’s a versatile glass container for storing dry food and pickles. It’s a product that needs rubber packing to prevent leakage and is cheap and sturdy.

5) ​RINNIG Dishcloth – $2.94

It’s a dishcloth, famous as a recommended item from IKEA. It comes in white and dark gray colors and has different patterns. The size is 17.7*23.6 inches. It’s good in many ways with its large size and simple pattern.

The fabric is just okay, but it’s good for the price and suitable for decoration. There’s a hidden hook on the finishing part; it’s good to hang it up, too.

6) STELNA Glass Mug – 68 cents

​I got this cup on sale for 68 cents. I didn’t have a glass mug at home, so I bought it. The handle is unique and pretty, and the cup less than a dollar… But I felt uncomfortable using it because of the handle, especially when drinking hot tea…

But well, it’s 68 cents, and it’s pretty, so I’m satisfied.

7) SOARÉ Table Mat – $3.69

​A table mat is woven of something like straw, which I bought for decoration. The material sticks out here and there, but it’s good to use for a short time for photo shooting.

8) ​MÄRIT Table Mat – $1.43

​Another mat I bought when I needed a table mat. However, since it’s cloth, it’s a disaster if something gets on it… I’m just using it for decoration. I like the deep navy color.

9) MITTBIT Table Mat – $2.19

This is also a table mat! It would be good to use as a decoration when drinking traditional tea. Anyway, these days, I’m doing “home cafe” and eating alone, so I didn’t buy a set but bought them one by one.

10) KUNGSFORS Mesh Bag 2pc – $4.45

It’s a lightweight bag that’s good to use casually.

I found out after buying that it’s a set of two. Two different sizes are tied together in a set. I bought it to put things like tangerines or onions in it.

​This is how I’m using it!

11) ​PROPPMÄTT Cutting Board – $3.69

It’s a wooden cutting board. The size is 11.8*5.9 inches… So it’s too small to be practical, but it looks nice when you put things like bread or cookies on it. I’m using it as a cutting board for decoration.

12) KALAS Spoon – 38 cents

It’s a plastic spoon that’s good for eating yogurt. It seems to be generally used as a spoon for children. It’s said not to contain harmful additives.

14) SMULFARE Mug Lid – $1.43

When drinking beverages or water, it’s good to cover it with a lid to prevent dust from getting in. There’s a product that’s 75 cents at Daiso, but I didn’t buy that because the design is old-fashioned. This one I purchased has a simple design. It’s a silicone type that sticks and doesn’t leak even when turned upside down.

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