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How to Organize Shoes to Bring Prosperity to Your House – Now You Need to Know!

Hello, I’m Chooni, a Living Creator who lives in a detached house.

I don’t unquestioningly believe in Feng Shui, but I don’t completely ignore it either. I think it’s good to lightly apply it to your home if there are elements that you can follow to some extent.

Today, I’ve organized the Feng Shui elements that bring prosperity to our home’s foyer and related things.

After reading this article, how about checking and arranging things in your home that you think are possible?

Where is the first impression of our home decided? It’s the foyer you see as soon as you enter the house.

Today, let’s talk about the influence of the foyer in Feng Shui and what kind of interior is good!

1. It Should be bright and clean, basically

In terms of Feng Shui, the foyer is the central space for business and financial luck.

So, it’s good to keep it bright and clean.

In some cases, trash or waste is placed in the foyer, but it’s better not to leave it for long. It’s also good to organize umbrellas so they are not conspicuous because rain is considered a waste of the sky, so it’s good to manage related things. Not only for reasons of Feng Shui but also for health and aesthetic reasons, it’s good to clean up useless things and keep them clean. In our home, because it’s a small space and we chose a glass door, the foyer is visible, so we habitually cleaned up the narrow foyer often.

Also, it’s good to keep the foyer bright.

If it’s unavoidably dark because the light doesn’t come in well, try brightening it using lighting.​

We also used indirect lighting to create a bright atmosphere when remodeling our home.

2. Is there a way to organize shoes?

Instead of taking out a lot of shoes in the foyer, it’s better to keep one or two pairs that you wear frequently and keep them organized in a shoe rack.

I was taught as a child to arrange shoes in an outdoor direction to make it easier for guests to walk out the door, so when my mother-in-law told me after I got married that it brought good luck to put your shoes in an indoor direction, I was confused.

In the Feng Shui of the foyer, it is said that arranging the front of the shoes to face the house brings prosperity, so please keep that in mind.

3. The inside of the house should not be visible

While the door before the foyer provides an extra layer of insulation and warmth from the outside cold or heat, it also blocks the view of the home’s interior from the front door.

It is said that it’s good in Feng Shui to make the inside of the house invisible using a door or a pot.

Our house has a door in between, but the inside is visible because it’s glass. Although it’s a glass door, I wonder if there is any effect in the sense that it’s blocked with one more layer rather than being directly connected.

4. Different prosperity comes depending on the direction of the mirror!

When you open the door, it’s said that a mirror on the left increases financial and wealth luck, and on the right, it enhances luck for honor.

However, having mirrors on both sides is not good as they reflect luck against each other, and a mirror in front when you open the door reflects good energy out, so keep that in mind.

​​It’s okay If a door or something blocks the mirror facing the foyer, and if you can’t change the position of the mirror, you can offset the energy by placing a large pot in front and covering it.

There’s also a way to offset the energy.

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