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How Often Should You Replace Your Towels? – Here’s the Answer

Hello. I’m operating a blog under the nickname Arietti; I put vibes into housekeeping.

Today, I will tell you how to organize towels correctly. I’ve compiled a method to use more fluffy and neat towels with the keywords of my housekeeping motto, “nice housekeeping, vibing housekeeping.”

I’ll tell you everything from a towel replacement cycle to a washing method and a method to fold towels in a hotel way.

#1. Towel Replacement Cycle

Generally, a towel replacement cycle is two years. A towel that has become stiff due to age has reduced absorption and is challenging to function, and it can cause skin irritation, so it should be replaced regularly.

While washing and using a towel, fibers of the towel continue to fall out, damaging the towel. If this process is repeated, it is said that the touch becomes stiff and rough.

If you want it to feel fluffy and comfortable while using it, it is said that it is good to check the condition of the towel at intervals of 4~6 months and replace it.

​I’ve never bought a towel with my own money before. I don’t know why I couldn’t throw away the towel I received as a souvenir and stick to it for a long time. I replaced all of them for proper towel management with fluffy premium towels that can be seen in hotels.

#2. Towel Selection Method

I bought a 200g Comasa 40-count towel from Il-da. It’s thick yet soft, and the texture is good!​ And the simple and modern color gray/ivory.

Ordinary household towels are 150g, but the newly purchased Comasa 40-count towel is heavy at 200g, giving the feeling of a hotel towel.

Comasa is a cotton that has undergone an additional process to remove impurities and dust during towel production. Compared to regular towels, it has the following advantages.

💡 Advantages of Comasa Towels
✔ The long fibers do not break easily, so the towel lasts longer.
✔ It’s a once-refined fiber, less likely to unravel.
✔ Shorthairs and impurities are filtered out, drastically reducing dust.
✔ High absorbency makes it comfortable to use.

#3. How to Wash Towel

1) Before Washing Towels

Before putting used towels in the laundry basket, you should dry them. If laundry piles up in an undried state, bacteria can breed on the wet towel, which is not hygienic and can cause a foul smell from the towel after washing.

If you wipe your body with a towel that has bred bacteria after washing it cleanly, it would be the same as brushing your body with bacteria, right?

Since towels are directly in contact with the skin, keeping towels clean is the first step in maintaining skin health.

2) Towel Washing Method

​① When putting in the washing machine: Wash small amounts of towels separately by color / Wash with neutral detergent without fabric softener

Please wash small amounts separately for proper towel management.

At this time, please separate the towels by color and do not put fabric softener in addition to detergent. Fabric softener decreases the towel’s absorbency and causes dust to stick to the towel.

② Washing Machine Settings: Wool Course / Increase water level and add rinsing / Water temperature below 104°F

Since towels are made of delicate fibers, please wash them in wool course mode with less friction.

You can minimize lint by increasing the water level and adding the number of rinses. The water temperature is also essential. If you wash at a high temperature, the fiber can be damaged, so please set the water temperature to below 104°F.

After learning how to wash towels, I realized my method had been entirely wrong. I washed them separately by color but in a way that quickly damaged the towels.​

On a sunny and windy day, I washed the towels properly and dried them on a drying rack.

Seeing the towel dried crisp in the sun makes me feel so good.

I feel proud because it’s the first towel I’ve ever bought.

Looking at it now, the towel I used was torn like this. I think it’s because I didn’t grow a habit of changing towels.

I’ve been using towels that come in as souvenirs from here and there, so the colors don’t match, and there’s no volume… Now that new towels have come in, I’m going to fold the towels that I’ve been keeping ordinary in a hotel way.

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