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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress for You

You might feel overwhelmed if it’s your first time choosing a mattress. Why are there so many types of materials, and why are the sizes so varied?

TodayHouse will guide you to the perfect mattress for you. Knowing just the basics can reduce your worries by half and bring you closer to a good night’s sleep! ๐Ÿ›๏ธ

1-1. If you tend to toss and turn a lot ๐Ÿ‘‰ Go for a firm spring mattress

A spring mattress is suitable for those who often toss and turn in their sleep because of its good elasticity and support.

Mattresses that are less elastic and soft can make it challenging to change positions, preventing you from falling into a deep sleep. However, springs inherently support your body, making it less strenuous when you toss and turn.

๐Ÿ” Checkpoints before purchase

Spring mattresses are divided into two types depending on the type of spring.

When you look at mattress products, you can see product names like “Bonnel Mattress” and “Independent Mattress,” which refer to the types of springs.

Bonnel Spring: This type of mattress has large, round springs, making it highly elastic. However, the springs are connected, so movements can easily be transferred to the side, and it can make a squeaky noise. It’s generally inexpensive, so it’s recommended for single dwellers!

Independent (Pocket) Spring: This mattress has each spring wrapped in non-woven fabric. It has more springs than Bonnel, which can better accommodate the body’s curves. As the springs do not interfere with each other, they have less motion transfer and noise, making them recommended for beds shared by two or more. However, as it compensates for the shortcomings of Bonnel, it is a bit more expensive.

1-2. If you tend to sleep on your side without moving ๐Ÿ‘‰ Go for soft latex or memory foam

On the other hand, if you sleep in one position, especially on your side, without tossing and turning, softer latex or memory foam is a better fit than springs.

When you lie on your side, pressure tends to concentrate on the curved areas such as your shoulders and hips. These parts can feel unsupported in a spring mattress, but latex or memory foam is soft and minimizes pressure points.

๐Ÿ” Checkpoints before purchase

Latex: Made from processed rubber tree sap, latex is good for hygiene and has antibacterial properties as house dust mites and mites that dislike the rubber smell do not inhabit it. However, only those with a natural rubber sap content of 80% or more can be labeled as “natural” latex.

Memory Foam: Made from a polyurethane sponge, it is the softest of the three and absorbs shock well. Each product has slightly different density and height, but if you choose a foam mattress with a density of 40~60kg/ใŽฅ and a height of around 25cm (approx. 9.8 inches), you can find a soft foam mattress that is not too sinking.

1-3. If you tend to sleep on your back without moving ๐Ÿ‘‰ All are OK! Choose according to your preference

If you sleep through in one position without tossing and turning, spring, latex, and memory foam all fit well.

In this case, you can choose based on your preference for softness or whether you are more sensitive to heat or cold.

A spring mattress does not cling to the body even when lying down for long, making it suitable for those who feel more heat in the summer. At the same time, latex or memory foam adheres to the body, providing a snug and cozy feeling, making it recommended for those who feel colder in the winter.

๐Ÿงญ Editor’s Compass

There are also many unfamiliar words in the world of mattresses. Here are four mattress terms that will become more readable once you know.

๐Ÿ’ Foundation Mattress

This mattress is placed under the mattress instead of a frame. The built-in spring absorbs shock, extending the life of the top mattress by about 1.5 times. It’s often used in hotels, so consider it if you want a hotel bedroom feeling. (Also known as stack mattresses!)

๐Ÿ’ Mattress Topper

A thin mattress with a thickness of 7~15cm (approx. 2.8~5.9 inches). If it’s difficult to replace an old mattress, you can just buy a topper to put on top, and it will feel like you’ve purchased a new bed.

๐Ÿ’ Roll Pack

This is a form of packaging where the mattress is rolled up for easy delivery. Once the packaging is removed and the mattress is spread out, it will inflate back to its original shape after 1~2 days.

You don’t need to coordinate with the delivery person, and it’s easy to install in small houses, making it a popular packaging method recently. Not only foam mattresses but also spring mattresses can be delivered in roll packs. Did you know that?

While the sizes of single, queen, and king mattresses may vary, the vertical length is generally fixed at 200cm (approx. 78.7 inches). Therefore, what determines the size is the horizontal width!

While there may be a few centimeters difference between brands, they usually don’t deviate much from these standards, so knowing them once can be helpful for a long time.

๐Ÿ’ก Quick note! The size comparisons below are based on the “Korean Human Body Size Survey” data, with the average female height of 160cm (approx. 5.2 feet) and the average male height of 170cm (approx. 5.6 feet) as the standard.

โญ: Minimum size for one person

โญโญ: Recommended size for one person

Multi-Single MS (80)

This is the smallest mattress size, a rare size seen in temporary or day beds. It’s too narrow for an adult to sleep on, making it an unsuitable size.

Single S (100) โญ

This size used to be commonly used for single mattresses. However, as the physique of modern people grows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find. It’s only recommended for those who don’t move much in their sleep or those who are smaller than the average physique.

Super Single SS (110) โญโญ

These days, a super single is the standard for single mattresses. You’ll need at least this size if you are of average physique or larger.

Double D (135)

While it’s called a double, it’s too narrow for two people to sleep on and is just enough for one person to sleep comfortably. However, it’s a size that has not often been produced recently and is hard to find.

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