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In the Heart of Jeju: These 5 Stone Houses Provide the Perfect Island Escape

① A lodging that exudes the charm of Jeju Island

Hoyudong Stay

Hoyudong Stay is a stone vacation house in Hamdeok-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju. Located in a quiet residential area, it’s an ideal place to visit for families of up to six people.

Originally an old house, it was remodeled into a remarkable place where you can feel the charm of Jeju Island. The vacation house comprises two buildings – the main house and the outhouse – featuring a cozy living room, bedrooms, and a spacious garden where you can enjoy outdoor barbecues with the provided camping tools, including camping chairs, tables, and grills. Moreover, an outdoor jacuzzi is available all year round. You can also watch Netflix and YouTube in the room.

Conveniently located near Hamdeok Beach, Hoyudong Stay presents an excellent opportunity to explore the neighborhood and the emerald beaches of Jeju.

② An old house in Aewol

Tteuleh House

Tteuleh House (meaning the house in the courtyard in English) is a vacation house located in Gwakji-ri, Aewol-eup. It has been renovated in a modern style by saving a 100-year-old Jeju stone house, which is quite small and has a low ceiling.

It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the old-world atmosphere unique to Jeju. Tteuleh House consists of an inner house and an outhouse, and there is one room and a living room with a kitchen in the outhouse. Additionally, the spacious garden allows guests to bring their pets and let them run around freely.

Reservations for this place are available on Airbnb. Previous guests have left reviews expressing, “It’s quiet and serene. The yard is beautiful in the evening”, “The interior well captures the beauty of a traditional house in a modern way, and it was clean”, “It felt like I was at my grandmother’s house”.

Hagari House

Hagari House is a vacation house located in Aewol-eup, Jeju. It was remodeled from a traditional stone house, and its exterior retains the rustic charm of the olden days. The central pillar, left in the house, preserves Jeju’s unique interior. The cozy yet sophisticated interior offers a modern ambiance.

The outdoor jacuzzi and open-air bath are available throughout the year at the house. Additionally, the garden provides a perfect setting for a bonfire, allowing guests to have a relaxing day in a stone house that radiates the serene atmosphere of Jeju.

  • Address: Aewol-eup, Jeju City, Jeju
  • Room Rates: weekdays 280,000 KRW ($234), weekends 310,000 KRW ($259)

③ A stone house located in the east

Jeju doldamnomogip batdamjeom

In the quiet village on the east side of Jeju Island, you can visit a vacation stone house for your travel. “Jeju doldamnomogip batdamjeom,” located in a local stone wall village in Jeju, is a house surrounded by stone walls. It is embedded with Jeju’s traditional, old-fashioned, rafter-roofed house and sophisticated interior.

Jeju doldamnomogip batdamjeom provides hotel-style bedding sets and towels, ensuring a comfortable stay with a touch of luxury. While providing all the comforts of a hotel, it maintains a cozy, homey atmosphere, making it perfect for families seeking a private getaway.
Guests can also enjoy a barbecue on the private outdoor terrace.

Jeju doldamnomogip batdamjeom boasts a stylish interior featured in various movies, dramas, and variety shows. Guests have left reviews saying, “It was a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and I was very satisfied,” “a true embodiment of Jeju’s charm,” and “a place where relaxation and healing go hand in hand.”

Vin Haru

“Vin Haru (meaning a day without plans in English)” is a private guesthouse in Pyeongdae-ri, Gujwa-eup.
Located on the Pyeongdae-ri coast, it’s a remodeled traditional stone house over 70 years old. It has been operating since 2016 and has been consistently protecting Pyeongdae-ri.

Vin Haru, seamlessly harmonizing with the rustic charm of the stone house and creating a homely atmosphere, is where guests can relax by lying on the hammock in the grassy yard. There are two houses: an inner house for 4 people and an outer house for 2 people, and both of them have a cozy interior that blends well with the stone house.

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