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Jongdal-ri Gems: 5 Must-Visit Spots for Jeju Travelers

① The Unfailing Spots in Jongdal-ri 

Source: Jongdalrien

Jongdal-ri is a quiet village located on the eastern side of Jeju Island. While it may not have glamorous tourist destinations, it’s a rural town in Jeju where you’d want to spend your daily life. In Jongdal-ri, some places have held their spots for a long time, like the spirit of the village. This is also why tourists find themselves coming back to Jongdal-ri time and time again.

Jongdalrien is a small restaurant in Jongdal-ri that has been in the same location for seven years. The restaurant’s primary customers are solo drinkers and a small group of people. Most of the tables are for one or two people. Jongdalrien prioritizes reservations when assigning seats. So it’s necessary to inquire about reservations, even on the day of your visit.

As the sun begins to set, the restaurant lights turn on. It’s a place recommended for travelers who want to enjoy a splendid dinner while staying in Jongdal-ri.

Source: Sosimbook

Sosimbook is a neighborhood bookstore that represents Jongdal-ri. Its exterior is well blended with Jondal-ri, and the interior is a cozy bookstore filled with various books carefully selected by the owner.

Most of the books in the Sosimbook are from independent publications that are hard to find in regular bookstores. It is a place with fun to find a book of your taste while slowly browsing the bookshelves.

The Sosimbook also sells a variety of goods that remind you of Jeju. The tourists have been loving this place for a long time.

② A Place with Good Music

Source: Monuet

Monuet is a cafe that represents Jongdal-ri. It’s a place with soothing music, equipped with an amp, speakers, and a guitar. While staying at the cafe, you can enjoy Monuet’s playlist. It’s a place where you can spend time leisurely in a cozy space.

The signature menu of Monuet is Cubelatte, served with espresso cubes frozen in the shape of a canelé and granola. You can also taste the canelé, made with Hallasan soju instead of rum, which is the main ingredient of canelé. Jeju Daengyuji Ade is also a special menu at Monuet.

Visitors have left reviews saying, “The music was really cool, and the Monuet latte was unique and delicious,” “I heard the reputation about the music is good and came here, and the jazz and classical music are really good,” and “The space is full of the owner’s love for music, with cool speakers, CDs, LPs, etc.”

Source: Neulbo Space

Neulbo Space is a one-seat CD music wine bar where you can listen to CD music on individual seats. During the day, you can enjoy the scenery of Jimi Oreum and the quiet Jongdal-ri. In the evening, you can immerse yourself in the music.

The music listening area operates in a quiet atmosphere, designated as a noise—and chatter-free zone. Only the 3-4 seat private group room is an exception, where quiet chatter is allowed, and it has a usage time of 2 hours.

Neulbo Space offers western and pasta menus. It has various pastas, desserts, wine, champagne, and cocktails.

Neulbo Space is loved by tourists who travel alone as a place where they can enjoy their leisure time with music.

③ Old Agricultural Cooperative Warehouse Reborn as a Cafe

Source: Borom Warehouse

Borom Warehouse Cafe reinterpreted an old agricultural cooperative warehouse. Its exterior catches the eye, exuding a sense of age.

When you open the door and step into the cafe, an unexpected space is there, which presents a different vibe from the exterior. The cafe creates a unique space with the combination of antique props and furniture in every corner of the cafe.

At Borom Warehouse, you can taste soft French toast, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. They also sell a Jeju barley latte made with Jeju barley flour and grains, Gujwa carrot juice, and more. At night, you can also enjoy a highball and whiskey.

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