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Coffee with a View: Gyeongju’s Must-Visit Rooftop Cafes

① Enjoying the Ocean View in Gyeongju

EGO Cafe

Gyeongju City is considered a top domestic travel destination in South Korea. It is a place where history and culture are alive and offers beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons. Gyeongju has many attractive spots that captivate travelers. Among them, the huge cafes with beautiful views are always bustling.

EGO Cafe is an ocean-view cafe located in Gampo. Did you know you can enjoy an expansive view of the East Sea even in Gyeongju? EGO Cafe offers an ocean view from the first to the fourth-floor rooftop.

This place refreshes your feelings with its open spaces and vast prospects from every angle. It is recommendable for those who want to visit an ocean-view cafe in Gyeongju. It’s a great place to enjoy coffee with an ocean view.

② A Mega Cafe in Bomun Tourist Complex

Cheongun Hybrid Complex X EVERYBLACK

Cheongun Hybrid Complex X EVERYBLACK is a cafe in the Bomun Tourist Complex. The Cheongun Service Area opened in 1996 and was reborn as the Cheongun Hybrid Complex in 2022. It is a space where you can use various facilities, such as a cafe, gallery, art shop, and workroom.

When you enter the cafe, the view through the glass windows is very beautiful. The view of Gyeongju’s major attractions makes you realize you’re on a trip to Gyeongju. Since the Gyeongju Tower is nearby, it is good to visit in combination.

There is ample parking space available so that you can park freely. The cafe also has menus for children.


The Benzamas cafe is located in the Bomun Tourist Complex. It is a brunch specialty cafe situated at the entrance of the Bomun Tourist Complex.

Benzamas is known for its mega size among the large cafes in Gyeongju. The cafe operates four buildings, each with a different concept. The Benzamas Garden cafe, with a garden concept, allows you to enjoy a green vibe even indoors.

Benzamas offers a variety of brunch menus and bakery items. It’s a great place to visit in the morning and enjoy brunch leisurely.

③ A Space with Eye-catching Interior

Uhmamooshi Main Branch

Uhmamooshi Main Branch is a large cafe located near Cheomseongdae. It is known for its beautiful European-style garden, which includes a flower fountain that is famous as a photo spot. The fountain is decorated with fresh flowers, making it even more beautiful.

The cafe is spacious and has seating on the outdoor terrace. Uhmamooshi offers tiramisu made directly in the store. It is known for its delicious tiramisu, so you can enjoy a perfect dessert here.

It has ample parking space for 70 cars, making it easy to visit during a trip.


NaeRyuSa is a large bakery cafe under a traditional Korean-style house. Located near Bulguksa, this space has a serene atmosphere. When you enter, you will feel refreshed by the water flowing inside the cafe. The traditional Korean house and modern interior create a harmonious atmosphere.

There are also outdoor seats on the terrace, so spending time on warm days is good. All the bread sold at NaeRyuSa is healthy with 100% Gyeongju specialty brown rice. The coffee is also known to be delicious. You can enjoy a rich and tasty cafe latte.

Visitors have left reviews such as “I tasted the cafe latte of my life. The sunset from the cafe is beautiful”, “It was a good place to rest with the sound of water dripping inside”, and “The interior is cool and the flowing water is amazing”.

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