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  • A former girl group member who moved to the United States after leaving the group Sunye, a former member of Wonder Girls, who drew public attention due to rumors of her return to Korea, has launched a full-fledged Korean
  • “They denied it…” The evidence of BTS member an actress’ dating rumor is revealed Dating rumors between these two were also raised at the end of 2021, when both Jungkook and Yoobi Lee denied, calling it 'groundless.'
  • A 'middle school girl from Bundang’ who dreamed of being a stewardess fell in love with Girls' Generation and chose this job Karina said she dreamed of becoming a singer for the first time after watching Girls’ Generation’s kick in the stage of ‘Into the new world’.
  • Idol member born in 2003 surprised fans by appearing in a tank top and hot pants ITZY Yuna showed off her beautiful appearance. On the 16th, several photos of Yuna were posted on ITZY's official Instagra
  • Following Lisa, the news that Bogum Park reported surprising news to entertainment industry Actor Bogum Park is significant in that he was selected as Celine Global Ambassador for the first time as a male actor.
  • "Hyorin Min ♥" Taeyang, who had rumors of divorce and discord, clarified rumors with a single word Big Bang Taeyang is envied by netizens for showing his friendly husband and loving father aspect on YouTube
  • Ridiculous reason behind Chinese netizens terrorizing NCT member’s Instagram NCT member Jaehyun is suffering from comments from Chinese netiziens out of nothing. The reason is because he was selected as a model.
  • Recent status of a male student who was cast by an agency while handing out leaflets as a part time job after dropping out of high school Singer and actor Kim Woo-seok played a perfect role as Baek Woo-hyun in the OTT drama ‘Finland Papa’ of the 6-episode drama.
  • The inseparable brothers who are spitting image of each other grew up like this On the 22nd, the second OST of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama "The Forbidden Marriage" by Viviz Eunhawill be released on the 24th.
  • A girlfriend chosen by an actor in his 40s who says he only dates women under the age of 25 Hollywood star Lenoardo DiCaprio was recently spotted with an actress 23 years younger than him. It was Victoria Lamas who was captured.
  • Jessica, who was embroiled in the 8 billion debt controversy, gave a surprising news in China Recently, Jessica from Girls' Generation revealed her current situation through a YouTube video. Jessica posted a video named 'VLOG.
  • The current status of the girl who sang the animation theme song at the audition Eunbi Kwon revealed the fact that she sang the theme song of the animation “Pororo” at the audition. She appeared on the "Kkondae-Hee".
  • The reason why a singer who became famous through an audition program takes the 'subway' instead of an expensive 'Van' Singer Yoon Ji-sung surprised people by revealing that he likes using public transportation. He appeared on MBC FM4U's.
  • The girl group member’s recent update that has perfect hand salute like her colonel father Gyuri Jang, who made her debut as the group fromis_9, made a successful transformation . Starting her acting career through Cheer Up
  • What happened as soon as a BTS member appeared at the airport  BTS member Jimin is departing from Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 6th due to an overseas schedule.
  • “There's no such thing as absolute, but…" BTS leader announced the date of return to full group BTS members RM and Suga expressed their hope to return as a full group in 2025. On this day, with traditional liquor prepared by RM.
  • Following Nickhun and Lisa… An idol from JYP is treated like a state guest in Thailand BamBam said, "I have settled down in Thailand or abroad, but I don't think I've been recognized only in Korea,"
  • "It is all about genetics" A member of K-pop group who has a western-style body shape revealed her shocking body secret Group MAMAMOO's Hwasa revealed her most confident body parts.Hwasa appeared on SBS's "My Little Old Boy," which aired on the 13th, and said,
  • “The factory is closed”, said the singer husband when his girl group member wife asked him to have the fourth child Minhwan Choi expressed his feelings about his wife Yulhee‘s premarital pregnancy. Sam Hammington, Jason, Jang Dong-min, Minhwan Choi, and Chunghyun Cho appeared as guests on MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star” on the 12th. Minhwan Choi married Yulhee and held his first son Jaeyul at the age of 27, and twin daughters Ayun and Arin at […]
  • “You look pretty in person.” The person that Zico confessed that his heart stopped as soon as he saw Singer Zico drew attention by praising Yongmyung appearance. On the 29th of last month, a video titled "5 Minutes: Give Me a Minute Season 2"
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