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Timeline of Parasite Actors 2-Month Police Investigation

The Timeline of Actor Lee Sun-kyun’s Drug Investigation Over the Last Two Months

Actor Lee Sun-kyun (48) who passed away on the 27th had been under police investigation since October on suspicion of drug use. From the moment the allegations surfaced Lee consistently maintained his innocence. He also expressed his regret to his family during the process. This indicates the psychological pressure and pain the incident caused him.

We aim to look back at the journey he underwent from the moment the drug allegations surfaced to his last breath.

●October 28th: First Summoning: “I’m sorry to my family”

In October, Lee Sun-kyun began to be investigated by the police after being accused of smoking marijuana and taking ketamine multiple times at the home of a nightclub hostess A (29) since the beginning of this year. The news of the allegations broke out on October 19th.

The Incheon Police Department’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Team was reported to be investigating eight people including a famous actor for related charges and Lee Sun-kyun was identified as that actor. Although he was under investigation, his name surfaced when his agency announced on October 20th that Lee had been “continuously blackmailed and threatened by a person related to this case” and that he “intends to fully cooperate with any upcoming investigations with a truthful attitude”.

At the same time, Lee Sun-Kyun filed a police complaint against hostess A and another person for blackmail. A who was already in custody on drug charges, was accused of extorting 350 million KRW ($294,000) from Lee.

During the police investigation, A claimed that “Lee used drugs at least five times (in my house).” As a result, the police criminally charged Lee with marijuana and drug use on the 23rd and summoned him for the first time on the 28th.

At the time Lee expressed, “I sincerely apologize for causing disappointment to many people by getting involved in such an ugly incident” and “I’m sorry to my family who are enduring such pain at this moment.” After about an hour and 10 minutes of investigation, Lee tested negative in a preliminary drug test.

●November 4th: Second Summoning: “I was deceived by A”

During the second summoning, Lee, who apologized once again for causing worry to many people denied any intention of committing the crime during the three-hour investigation stating, “A tricked me and gave me something, I didn’t know it was a drug.”

On November 24th, the police secured additional hair samples from Lee and requested a second precise examination at the National Forensic Service, but he tested negative again.

In the meantime, the police collected Lee’s hair for a detailed examination at the National Forensic Service, but the result was also negative.

●December 23, Third Summoning: “Request for Lie Detector Test”

Lee Sun-kyun was summoned for the third time on December 23rd for an investigation. It had been 49 days since the second investigation.

Lee underwent an intense overnight investigation that lasted a whopping 19 hours starting from 10 a.m. on the day to 5 a.m. the next day. The police first investigated Lee on drug use charges and then took his statement as a victim in the case where he sued Hostess A and another person for blackmail.

A claimed that “I was threatened through SNS by someone who doubted my relationship with Lee Sun-kyun,” and “I don’t know who he is,” but the police identified A’s accomplice in the blackmail charge and applied for a pre-arrest warrant.

The police planned to decide whether to send Lee to the prosecution without additional summons after analyzing the statement obtained in the third investigation and matching it with previously secured evidence. Lee stressed, “I ask the police to make a good judgment on whose statement between me and the blackmailers is credible.”

고 이선균의 사건이 '공소권 없음'으로 마무리 될 것으로 전망된다. 맥스무비DB

● Expected to Conclude with ‘No Right to Prosecute’

However, Lee Sun-Kyun was found dead in a car parked on a street in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the morning of the 27th.

With Lee’s departure from the world, his drug use case is expected to conclude as ‘no right to prosecute.’ ‘No right to prosecute’ is a decision made when it is judged that there is no practical benefit to the investigation such as when the suspect is dead and cannot be prosecuted.

The agency asked to “refrain from spreading false facts based on assumptions or speculation so that the deceased’s last journey is not unjust,” and announced its official position stating, “The funeral will be held quietly with the participation of only family and colleagues.”

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