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Kia’s K4 Hatchback: A Stylish and Practical Choice

Kia Unveils K4, Surprises with Teaser of K4 Hatchback
Design Receives Praise

Kia K4 Hatchback

Following the unveiling of the K4, a strategic model for North America, at the New York Auto Show, Kia surprised the audience by revealing a teaser video of the 5-door hatchback version. The consumers have given positive feedback about the design.

Since the launch of the Sephia Leo in 1996, Kia has continued to release hatchback models, including the Cerato Shuma, Spectra Wing, Cerato Euro, Forte Hatchback, and K3 Hatchback. Now, with the K4 hatchback, they continue the lineage. Although hatchbacks have not been very popular in South Korea, there is a demand for them in Europe and other overseas markets, which has led to much interest in the K4 hatchback.

Smooth Side Lines
Aggressive Front Design

As a variant of the K4, the front design of the K4 hatchback is similar. However, the sidelines of the hatchback have a gently sloping roofline, contrasting with the sharp line of the A-pillar, giving a sleek appearance despite being a hatchback. The D-pillar features a black high-gloss finish, creating a floating roof effect.

The aggressive air intake and Kia’s signature star map DRL extend sharply to the sides. The sporty and sleek design minimizes the dull appearance often seen in other hatchback models. The rear features a protruding spoiler that covers the glass, and the character line extending from the side adds a voluminous feel to the rear.

Sharp Rear Design
Powertrain Follows K4

The rear bumper features a dynamic and sharp design. Inside the triangular design, a thin vertical reflector is placed. The bumper line adds volume and completes the aggressive design. While no detailed specifications have been announced for the K4 hatchback yet, it is expected to be similar to the K4 sedan it is based on.

The powertrain will follow the K4’s setup, featuring a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and a 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine. Safety and convenience specifications are also expected to be similar, including lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, sound-absorbing glass, and noise-reducing tires.

Kia K4
Kia K4 Interior

Design Praised in South Korea
No Plans for Domestic Release

The launch schedule for the K4 hatchback model has not been announced yet. The K4 sedan is expected to debut in North America first. Once the K4 hatchback is released, it is expected to compete fiercely with other sedan-based hatchback models like the Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3. The K4 and K4 hatchback are strategic models for the North American market and are not planned for release in South Korea.

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