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  • The latest update of a female singer who still shows off her beauty in see-through fashion Yubin, a former Wonder Girls member, drew attention by releasing her recent updates. Yubin recently posted a picture on her Instgaram
  • Jessica’s shocking photoshoot revealed after she became much more exposing after going to China Recently, singer Jessica posted several photos on Instagram with the caption saying, “Hello, it’s me.” She released a photo taken during the
  • TWICE member's younger sister who looks like "Nayeon + Minsi Go + Sarang Kim" started Modeling Recently, an article was posted on an online community under the title of “TWICE Jihyo’s younger sister who seems to be working as a model.”
  • The present that Wonyoung Jang gave to Prada when they met in Paris Wonyoung Jang, a member of girl group Ive, appeared at the 2023 S/S fashion show of the luxury brand “Miu Miu” in Paris, France,
  • Fashion introduced by a famous girl group member in Paris has boosted the pride of Korea With various K-stars such as BLACKPINK, Aespa, Sandara Park, Hoyeon Jung, and Eunwoo Cha shining at the 2023 S/S Paris
  • “Everything is exposed.” Female singer revealed her hourglass body in the public Soyou is drawing the attention of netizens by showing her glamorous body once again. Soyou posted several photos on her Instagram
  • The amount of down payment offered by ‘Cartier’ to bring Jisoo, a Dior promotional model Girl group BLACKPINK is very active not only in the music field but also in the fashion industry as well. The members each serve as
  • Reaction of Sandara Park when the rumors saying ‘the third largest female singer’s wealth’ and ‘has 30 billion won’ were raised Sandara Park, who appeared on KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Troublemakers in the Rooftop Room” with Sohyun Park as ‘small serving eaters’, drew viewers’ attention by making a surprised confession.
  • Older sister in China and younger one in America - A picture of Krystal in low cut dress Krystal (Soojung Jung) of girl group f(x) caught the attention of public by releasing her recent updates in revealing dress.
  • Reaction of netizens to the outfit of girl group they chose for its first college festival A casual street photo of actress Suzy has been drawing attention. In the photo, she is perfectly transformed into the drama character.
  • The place where the actress, who named for second place in the world’s beauty ranking, appeared with tattoos all over her body Nana’s appearance caught the public's attention. Nana attended the production briefing for the movie “Confession”
  • From suicide to withdrawl of members.. A girl group that announced good news after 15 year of its debut Girl Group KARA will make a comeback in November with full five-members for the first time in seven years.
  • Official position of the Ministry of National Defense regarding the controversy over the military exemption of BTS The Ministry of National Defense finally announced its official position regarding military exemption of BTS.
  • Performance profits of IU, who celebrated her 14th anniversary this year, revealed IU recently held a concert. “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun” was sold out an hour after the ticket was released.
  • A girl group member who went to China after quitting Korean activities revealed her changed updates Kyulkyung, a previous member of Group I.O.I and Pristin, revealed her recent updates in China. She posted a photo on her Instagram.
  • “I want to leave my agency”, Chungha shouted “SOS” to fans during her live broadcast singer Chungha mentioned her agency during the live broadcast, she said, “I want to go out. Please let me leave”, drawing a lot of attention.
  • "Garter belt?" TWICE makes a comeback but received unexpected criticism over their outfit TWICE make a comeback with a new mini album on the 26th. However, controversy over sensationalism arose between the public.
  • "Look at her eyes..." Netizen's reaction to Jennie’s MESMERIZING LOOKS A photo posted on SNS by Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, got the public's attention. In the photos, she is wearing a full body see through.
  • “President of the Army”: 9th-year girl group who succeeded in climbing back up the charts revealed its unexpected updates Rumors of the disbandment of the girl group LABOUM has been raised. It was recently reported on the 11th August.
  • “Her Again?” Neitizen’s reaction to ANOTHER mistake made by a SNSD member Hyoyeon, the member of Girls’ Generation, uploaded a photo taken with her members at the filming site of JTBC’s ‘SoSiTamTam’.
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