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  • Stray Kids Continues Global Dominance, Tops Billboard 200 for Fourth Time Stray Kids tops the Billboard 200 chart with their latest album marking their fourth consecutive number one, a historic achievement in K-pop.
  • BTS V got hit too! Bigger than expected celebrity stalking damage. [MyDaily = HometownMi Reporter] The news that a 20-year-old stalker who has been stalking global idol group BTS's V has been sent to jail has brought serious celebrity stalking into the spotlight...
  • "It's a heatwave, but no water" Taylor Swift was blamed audience member for death. [Teevee Daily Reporter Kim Ji-hyun] A local audience member died at a concert by pop singer Taylor Swift. The concert organizers allegedly prohibited visitors from bringing water into the venue during the intense heat, and the aftermath is expected...
  • DiCaprio♥25-year-old model "fell in love", hugged and kissed all night long. Who is the new girl? [My Daily = Kwak Myung-dong reporter]Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio (49) fell in love with Italian model Vittorea Cerretti (25)...
  • BTS's Golden Boy: Jungkook Shines with 6 Hits on Billboard Hot 100 BTS's Jungkook secured the 5th spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with "Standing Next to You," setting a solo record.
  • K-pop's Next Big Thing? Get Ready for 'The Debut: Dream Academy' Final Showdown The final 10 contestants of 'The Debut: Dream Academy' are set to compete for a chance to become a global K-pop girl group.
  • Professor Speaks Out on Illegal Distribution in China: 'It's Time for the Government to Step in' Professor Seo Kyung-duk urges South Korean government action against rampant illegal distribution of content in China.
  • Hollywood Actors Return to Work After 118-Day Strike, Deal Reached The streaming service of NBCUniversal is expected to produce only two-thirds of the number of programs next year compared to this year.
  • 'The Marvels' Opening Weekend Predicted to Be Lowest in Marvel Cinematic Universe History Marvel's "The Marvels" expects a lower opening score of $60-65 million, down from the initial $75-80 million target, due to waning interest.
  • "Timberlake Baby Abortion"...Britney's 'Outed' Memoir Sells 1.1 Million Copies in First Week EPA연합뉴스 Famed pop singer Britney Spears (42) has sold over a million copies in the first week of her newly released memoir. U.S. entertainment outlet TMZ reported on the 2nd (Korean time), “Britney’s memoir sold 1.1 million copies in its first week. It’s an encouraging achievement.” Upon her memoir becoming a bestseller, Britney expressed her […]
  • "Love overflow" Timothy Chalamet♥Single mom Kylie Jenner, "Smiling happily at the event" [MyDaily = Kwak Myung Dong] Hollywood actor Timothy Chalamet (27) and the youngest billionaire ever, Kylie Jenner (26), were spotted smiling happily at the event as they continue their dog relationship.
  • K-pop Industry on Edge as Drug Scandal Involving Top Stars Unfolds The South Korean music industry is on edge following drug charges against actor Lee Sun-kyun and former Big Bang member G-Dragon.
  • G-Dragon... be noisy about 'drugs' in the entertainment industry Actor Lee Sun-kyun/News1 © News1. The talk is all about 'drugs'. Actor Lee Sun-kyun and singer G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong) are making headlines daily for allegations of drug use, and coincidentally, several dramas are drawing attention for their drug-themed plots.
  • BTS Jungkook, a global pop star, swept various international charts (Seoul=News1) Reporter Hwang Mi-hyun = Jungkook is boasting unwavering popularity on various international charts.
  • Tottenham's Son Heung-min Remains Humble Despite 10-Game Unbeaten Streak (Seoul=Yonhap News) Reporter Choi Song-ah = Son Heung-min, Tottenham's 'captain', who led the team's 10-game unbeaten streak in the English Premier League (EPL)....
  • Paris Hilton Reveals Surrogacy and Sexual Assault Experiences in New Reality Show Paris Hilton is set to reveal personal experiences, including surrogacy and abuse, in the second season of "Paris in Love."
  • 'Parasite' Star Faces Drug Allegations: Another Celebrity on the Radar Amidst actor Lee Sun-kyun's drug abuse case, another celebrity is under investigation for drug abuse, raising industry concerns.
  • World's Most Expensive Best 11 Revealed – Haaland, Mbappé, and More Top the List Transfermarkt unveils world's most expensive Best 11: Haaland and Mbappé lead with €180M, Kim Min-jae tops Koreans at €60M.
  • Caitlyn Jenner Shuts the Door on Dating Post-Transition – Here's Why Caitlyn Jenner, Kendall Jenner's father, announces the end of her dating life, focusing on self-improvement and family.
  • Oops! K-Pop Idol's Shoulder Strap Mishap Creates a Buzz at Festival Kwon Eun-bi narrowly avoids wardrobe malfunction during university festival performance, thanks to quick thinking.
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