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  • THIS Series is the 'Squid Game' of 2023, Making Waves on Hulu Disney Plus original series 'Moving' gains international acclaim, compared to 'Squid Game' for blending genres and unique storytelling.
  • Quit Job, Get Rich? Travel YouTuber Spills the Beans on His Income Travel YouTubers gained fame and money. However, the reality for many aspiring YouTubers is different, with some facing financial challenges.
  • Bikini Photo Bombshell: K-pop Idol Admits to Photoshopping Her Viral Picture Singer Lee Mi Joo candidly admitted to photoshopping her bikini photo, causing laughter on MBC's 'Hang Out With You' episode.
  • New Horizon for Girl Group Idol: Debutant Takes on Musical Challenge Red Velvet Wendy shines in her debut musical role as 'Me' in Rebecca. Her clear vocals and captivating performance leave a strong impact.
  • Top Actress Jung Yu Mi Reveals the Truth Behind LA Lakers Outing Actress Jung Yu Mi addresses dating rumors with actor Lee Seo Jin after Lakers game photo. Denies romantic involvement, cites friendship.
  • HyunA Mentions Ex-Boyfriend in Surprise Message HyunA appeared on "Yes or Hot," mentioning ex-boyfriend Dawn and expressing well wishes. She's open to joining 'EXchange season 3.'
  • Tottenham's New Captain Reveals Surprising Answer About Club's Welfare Son Heung Min, surprised fans on "Psik Show" YouTube channel with witty comments about the club's welfare and sponsor perks.
  • Sandara Park Opens Up: Truth Behind the $22 Million Asset Rumors Sandara Park addressed $22 million assets rumor on a talk show. Income declined after 2NE1 disbanded. Shared her love for sneakers.
  • Disney Plus Series 'Moving' Faces Backlash Amid Release Chaos Controversy surrounds Disney Plus series 'Moving' as promised release of episodes 8 and 9 gets delayed without explanation.
  • Former K-Pop Trainer Reveals Idol Appearance Fees Under Scrutiny for Unfair Practices YouTuber and formern K-pop idol trainer exposes issues in the K-pop industry regarding World Scout Jamboree concert including appearance fee.
  • 'Moving' Actress Accused of Plastic Surgery Speaks Up with Explanation! Actress Han Hyo Joo addresses plastic surgery rumors, explains her evolving double eyelids. She is currently appears in the series 'Moving.'
  • Two Teachers' Deaths Raise Concerns About School Environment Tragic deaths of two teachers at the same school raise concerns. One struggled with depression, while the other faced harassment.
  • BTS V's Debut Solo Album 'Layover' Drops on September 8 BTS V releasing debut solo album "Layover" on September 8th, featuring title track "Slow Dancing" and collaboration with producer Min Hee Jin.
  • BTS in the Political Spotlight: Politician Asks for BTS Support Amidst Jamboree Controversy Korean Politician requests military support for BTS's World Scout Jamboree performance, triggering fan criticism; event controversy persists.
  • TXT's Sensational Collab: Jonas Brothers and Alan Walker Join Forces! Tomorrow X Together and Alan Walker collaborate on a lively EDM remix of "Do It Like That," debuting the track at the Lollapalooza festival.
  • You Won't Believe What's Hidden Behind the Hollywood Sign! Uncommon perspectives of famous tourist attractions: Hollywood Sign's messy backside and majestic Statue of Liberty among others.
  • You'll Never Guess What Other Countries Call the '@' Symbol! The "@" symbol, known for its use in email addresses, goes by various names worldwide, such as "little snail" in Italy, "flower" in China.
  • Murder Threat in the Middle of a Live Streaming: What Happened Next? Youtuber YangPang received a murder threat during a live broadcast, but it was a misunderstanding caused by drunk men who later apologized.
  • Rising Star's Dark Past: Ex-UDT Soldier's Troubling Sleep-Talking Shocks Viewers Former UDT soldier Dex's sleep-talking has become a hot topic. His serious sleep-talking has been noticed in other shows as well.
  • Justin Bieber's Music Video Caused a Tourist Ban?! Can you believe that the closure of a famous tourist spot in Iceland was caused by Justin Bieber's music video for his song "I'll Show You"?
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