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Israel Strengthens Its Air Defense with David’s Sling System

Israel’s David’s Sling
New Air Defense System
Strengthening Israel’s Air Defense

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테스트를 진행 중인 다비드 슬링 시스템 / 사진 출처 = 'DVDS'
David’s Sling system undergoing tests / DVDS

Israel faces ongoing security challenges from neighboring Islamic states and armed groups, posing significant risks to the safety of its citizens. In response to these threats, Israel has developed some of the world’s most advanced self-defense weaponry. As a result, Israel’s current air defense capabilities are comparable to those of top-tier nations like the United States.

Israel has introduced one of the most powerful air defense systems, David’s Sling, to address these security concerns. This system is deployed alongside the Iron Dome, already recognized as one of the most formidable air defense systems globally.

미사일을 발사하는 다비드 슬링 방어 시스템 / 사진 출처 = 'Asia Times'
David’s Sling defense system launching a missile / Asia Times
이슬람 무장 단체의 미사일 / 사진 출처 = 'AP통신'
A missile from an Islamic armed group / AP News

Joint development with Raytheon
Overcoming the shortcomings of the Iron Dome

Named after the biblical tale of David defeating Goliath with a sling, David’s Sling is a collaborative effort between Israel’s defense firm Rafael and the U.S.-based Raytheon, with development commencing in 2009. This air defense system boasts an impressive maximum range of up to 300 km (186 miles). David’s Sling has a versatile three-way data link that manually or automatically allows for real-time target reconfiguration. Additionally, it can carry up to 12 missiles per launcher, showcasing its exceptional air defense capabilities.

David’s Sling was developed to overcome the limitations of Israel’s previous air defense system, the Iron Dome-Arrow 2/3, especially in dealing with long-range missiles and bridging the gap for short-range missiles. With the deployment of David’s Sling, Israel has established a triple-layered air defense system, solidifying its position as one of the world’s leaders in air defense capabilities.

이스라엘의 아이언 돔 미사일 방어 체계 / 사진 출처 = 'Defense News'
Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system / Defense News
이슬람의 미사일을 격추하는 이스라엘의 미사일 / 사진 출처 = 'News in Germany'
Israeli missile intercepting an Islamic missile / News in Germany

Deployment in Real Combat

Recently, Israel deployed David’s Sling for the first time in actual combat to defend against 500 rockets fired by Islamic armed forces. With Israel’s longstanding focus on defending against missile attacks from Islamic forces, it will be interesting to see if David’s Sling can perfectly meet this challenge.

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